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5 Reasons Why Every Diamond You Buy Should be GIA Certified
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5 Reasons Why Every Diamond You Buy Should be GIA Certified


Diamonds are a beautiful gift both to give and to receive. Making the commitment to investing in a diamond for someone you love does not come lightly. It’s important to not only make your decision based on size, appearance and quality; you also need to ensure that your diamonds have been GIA certified.

GIA certified means that your diamonds have been tested and verified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and your diamonds can be trusted. Whether you’re looking to propose, want a special necklace or bracelet to spoil someone very special, or are looking for some jewellery to become a family heirloom, you want your diamonds to be uncompromised and perfect. We’ve put together this short piece to explain why it’s important that every diamond you buy is GIA certified.

N.B It’s important to note here as well that if you are buying a small or inexpensive diamond, it’s not entirely necessary to certify these diamonds. A lab report can add significantly to the cost of a small diamond, and confidence with smaller diamonds can be gained simply by dealing with a reputable jewellery professional.


1. You run the risk of buying an uncertified diamond – and you lose value

A certified diamond means that your diamonds have been quality tested in a gemological laboratory. At Diamonds International we have a reputation for selling only the highest quality diamonds and in providing only the best quality diamonds to our valued customers. Along with our precious white diamonds, we also sell yellow diamonds, pink diamonds and other colourful gems.

A non-certified diamond is very common in the marketplace, but you cannot trust a larger or more expensive diamond that hasn’t been tested by the Gemological Institute of America. That’s because you run the risk of buying a diamond that simply isn’t worth what you pay for it.


2. You know exactly what you are getting

Buying a GIA certified diamond gives you something that money really can’t buy, and that’s peace of mind. When investing in a larger diamond, the cost of getting it tested in a laboratory is insignificant compared to the cost of paying good money for something that simply isn’t worth it.


3. The vendor knows what they are selling, so there’s no future confusion

When there is a GIA laboratory certificate for your diamond, it means that your vendor is going to be able to speak with confidence about the product you are buying. You won’t run into confusion down the line, and you’ll enjoy the security of knowing that your diamond is worth exactly what you paid for it.


4. You won’t buy a synthetic diamond

With the refinements in technology allowing synthetic diamonds to be produced to a high standard, it’s now possible to see incredible synthetic diamonds in the marketplace. At Diamonds International we are sellers of high quality and genuine diamonds, and while there is a place for synthetic diamonds, it’s not with us. We ensure that every diamond we sell is certified and quality tested for your peace of mind.

5. You have confidence in your purchase

When spending money on anything, you want to know that you’re getting a quality product. Jewellery and diamonds are no different. Confidence comes from dealing with a reputable vendor, but also from knowing that your purchase has been tested and certified.

At Diamonds International we understand quality diamonds and we are the industry leaders in providing exceptional quality jewels and gemstones to our discerning buyers. Home of the white diamond and home to quality GIA certified diamonds that will forever hold a place in your heart. Explore our options online or find your nearest store to find the perfect gem for that someone special in your life.

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