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Diamond Jewellery Insurance Cover

Many people often neglect to take out insurance policies on their diamond jewellery or forget to regularly update the value of their precious jewellery for insurance purposes.

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Diamond jewellery is a big investment and may be the most expensive item you will own, let alone wear day to day. By protecting your valuable piece of jewellery, if something were to happen to it, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be covered.

Diamond Jewellery Insurance with Q Report

Diamonds International offers worldwide comprehensive diamond jewellery insurance cover through Q Report that is immediately effective before leaving the store*.

This policy also offers annual revaluation of your diamond jewellery at no additional charge and covers you for the full agreed value of your jewellery with up to 125% cover.

With the purchase of a jewellery insurance policy from Q Report through Diamonds International, you will also receive a hard cover book containing the details of the piece(s) of jewellery covered together with the policy details.

Instant Cover

As soon as you purchase a stunning piece of diamond jewellery in store, you will be covered instantly before you even walk out the door*. You will have peace of mind knowing your precious purchase is covered right away with a Q Report policy.

Worldwide Cover

Every diamond jewellery Q Report policy includes 12 months worldwide cover against loss, theft and damage. That way you can feel secure knowing your engagement ring, wedding ring or treasured jewellery will be covered while on your holiday or honeymoon.

Valuing Your Jewellery

Due to market and exchange rate fluctuations, the value of your diamond jewellery can fluctuate over time. Therefore, it’s important to get your jewellery (which may not be under a Q Report policy) revalued every two years.

Whenever you get your jewellery revalued, make sure you also update your cover to ensure it reflects the true market value. Most people fail to update the value of their precious jewellery pieces and may be underinsured as a result.

An Agreed Value Policy

Many insurers fail to settle jewellery claims on the amount stated in the policy.

Q Report Jewellery Insurance provides an agreed value policy, which means it will pay the actual amount shown on your policy documents (less $100 excess).

Q Report policies also have up to 125% cover included. Therefore, when you make a claim, if the same item of jewellery cannot be replaced for the sum insured on your policy, an extra 25% may be called on so that you won’t be out of pocket.

Revalue Your Jewellery Annually at No Additional Charge

With Q Report, your jewellery is automatically revalued annually at no additional charge, and the revised amount will automatically apply to your policy. That means you don’t have to worry about whether you have enough coverage when the policy is renewed, all the hard work has been done for you effortlessly.

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