A LETTER FROM Charles Bentley

“Dear Diamond Lovers,

My vision for Diamonds International has always been to establish a group of diamond jewellery stores in Brisbane that have the heart of a true diamond merchant. With every store stocking an extensive range of both designer rings and diamonds, where you our valued customers can sit down, be comfortable and enjoy one-on-one service.

We have tried to create an environment where you can see for yourself the quality and clarity that each diamond offers. Until you see the difference between an excellent diamond and an average one, you cannot truly appreciate the beauty, craftsmanship and uniqueness of a superior gem.

For the past 35 years I have been driven to source top-quality stones. This has led me to travel Australia and the world finding the most exclusive diamond jewellery. My reputation in the industry allows me priority viewing so I can buy the best at value prices and pass that value to you.

Our extensive range of diamond rings in stores lets you try on a variety of styles and sizes allowing you to find the perfect diamond ring design. If you would prefer a diamond ring that is uniquely yours we will custom make at no extra charge.  All our stores have a great range of loose diamonds on hand to view and compare.

At Diamonds International, we invite you to sit down in comfort with one of our experienced Diamond Consultants as they guide you through the process of what is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you’ll make, the purchase of a piece of high quality diamond jewellery.  A decision you can make with confidence.

My staff and I are proud to pass on what we know about diamonds to you. I hope you enjoy the Diamonds International Collection. I believe it’s one of the finest you’ll see.”

chales Bentley - Diamonds International Brisbane


The 4 C’s of Diamond Quality

Each diamond is precious and unique. It is not necessarily the size of a diamond that determines its quality or worth, but the sum of a combination of elements.

The value of a diamond is determined by four factors – Carat, Clarity, Colour and Cut. The higher on the grading scale across each of the 4 C’s, the higher the value of the diamond.

Our love and understanding of all diamonds means we seek to source gems that are graded at the higher end of the scale in every area.


Diamonds mined from the earth look like tumbled gems or beach glass. To turn the diamond into a beautiful gem, the diamond is cut into a specific shape with precise facets, tiny polished faces. Popular diamond cuts include Round, Princess, Marquise, Pear and Emerald.

A well cut diamond will have an amazing brilliance and fire. This is caused by white light reflecting off the diamond’s surfaces and the mirrored depths of the pavilion. The key to desirable fire and brilliance is proportion. An Excellent Cut Diamond will carry light down into the stone and shoot it back out the top. This is what creates the “Brilliance”. Diamonds International prides itself on the number of Excellent Cut Diamonds we stock. Light striking a shallow cut diamond will fall out the other side and not reflect back to the top.

Diamond cuts are graded on a scale of Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor. The score is based on the width of the table, height of the crown and the depth of the pavilion in each diamond.



Diamonds are measured in terms of weight, not size. The heavier the diamond, the greater the carat.

A carat is equal to 0.20 grams. Carats are allocated “points” in order to define their measurement. There are 100 points in a carat, so a half carat diamond is said to have 50 points, while a two carat diamond has 200 points.

As diamonds increase in weight, their cost will not necessarily increase proportionally i.e. the cost per carat goes up exponentially for each additional carat. Thus, a two-carat diamond can potentially cost four times as much as a one-carat diamond, rather than just twice as much.

The reason for this is it becomes more difficult to find the larger raw crystals needed to create larger carat diamonds. The higher the carat, the more rare and precious it is seen to be.


Diamonds International stocks diamonds ranging from 0.05 cts upwards to 2.00+cts – as large as your budget allows.


While many diamonds may, at first glance appear colourless, or white, they can actually have subtle yellow or brown tones, caused by natural forces during the formation of the diamond in the earth.

Colourless diamonds are considered to be the rarest and most valuable of all. Because subtle colour variations dramatically affect the value of a diamond, a colour grading scale is used to categorize the shading differences from one diamond to the next.


At Diamonds International, we are known as the “Home of the White Diamond” for good reason. The majority of our stock ranges in colour from D through G colour grades. It is this quality that sets us apart from other retailers. We also have a wide selection of Fancy diamonds available in pink and yellow.


Clarity is an indication of a diamond’s purity. This is determined by a diamond’s naturally occurring internal characteristics. These characteristics are sometimes not visible to the naked eye and they are what make each diamond unique. The characteristics, or inclusions, may look like crystals, feathers, clouds or dark spots.

Diamonds with fewer and smaller inclusions generally are more brilliant, assuming that the colour and cut grades are also high

Due to the rarity of FL, IF and VVS diamond, many pieces of fine jewellery are made from VS diamonds, which are still of a superior quality. A large percentage of jewellery is made with SI quality diamonds. Diamonds International stocks diamonds ranging from SI2 and upwards.



Can a Diamonds International ring be made in different stone sizes?

Yes – the majority of the designs on our website – no matter what size the photographed image may be – can be made with different sized diamonds.  We can vary the size, the colour and the clarity of the diamonds to make most designs fit into most customers budget.

Can you do engravings?

No, unfortunately we do not offer an engraving service ourselves – but we are happy to provide you with details of a Master Engraver that can help you.

Do you do repairs?

We offer repair services on all jewellery purchased from Diamonds International.  Please contact the store where you made the purchase. They will be able to provide an estimate and advise an approximate timeframe for the repair.

Do you offer Lay-by?

We do offer a lay-by service in store. Stock items require a minimum of 20% deposit for lay-by while special orders require 30% deposit.

Diamonds International is also able to provide finance for your purchase. Click here for more information.

Do you sell Gift Cards?

Yes – you can buy Diamonds International Gift Vouchers at our Brisbane City, Chermside, Indooroopilly or Carindale stores.

Does Diamonds International hand-set its jewellery?

Yes – unlike other jewellers, our rings have each stone individually set by hand. Some suppliers will simply set the stones whilst they are within a wax case to make the process quicker. This will greatly compromise the quality of the ring, leaving it vulnerable to losing the stones. A hand set ring will always be of superior quality and will be much less likely to need repairs.

Is there a warranty on my Diamonds International ring?

Our guarantee is for a period of 12 months, against faulty material or workmanship.

We ask our customers to be aware that this warranty is not an insurance cover and does not guarantee the article against wear and tear, accidental damage or loss.

Jewellery insurance can be purchased through Diamonds International. Please click here for more information.

What does a GIA certified stone mean?

A Diamonds International GIA Certified stone means you are certain of the authenticity of these specific diamonds.

The GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) is a not-for-profit institute considered to be the world’s primary expert body on diamonds. The GIA created the 4C’s grading system, which is used around the world as the standard for determining a diamond’s quality. The majority of Diamonds International gems have been awarded the GIA certification.

A laser inscription is microscopically inscribed on the diamond’s girdle with its unique GIA report number for easy identification.  Our staff members will be happy to show you this inscription on our diamonds when you are in store.

Learn more about the GIA by clicking here.

What if I need my ring to be re-sized?

Some rings can be resized depending on the style and setting of the stones. Diamonds International offers complimentary resizing of stock rings purchased from our stores, 2 ring sizes (smaller or bigger). Custom made rings are not included.

If a ring has to be resized, we ask that you take it back to the store where you made the purchase. Our staff will help you determine a correct finger size and provide an estimate of time required for the work to be carried out.

Unfortunately, we are unable to resize pieces that were not purchased from Diamonds International Brisbane.

What is palladium and how is it used?

Palladium is a light hard-wearing, white metal used as the base alloy in White Gold jewellery. It is considered to be more precious than silver is hypo- allergenic, meaning our rings won’t irritate the skin.

What is your Diamond sourcing policy?

Diamonds International is committed to ensuring that our certified diamonds are conflict-free.  We purchase diamonds from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions.  Our suppliers guarantee that our diamonds are conflict free, natural and not laboratory created based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided.

What makes Diamonds International different to other jewellers?

Charles Bentley inspects and handpicks each of our diamonds from the very best mined crystals available. Due to his reputation in the industry, Charles has access to the best suppliers world-wide and is often given first pick of new stones.

At Diamonds International, we are passionate to identify ourselves as true diamonds specialists. We stand out from other jewellers as we are committed to providing quality stones and our jewellery is crafted to last and never fade.

What should I consider when purchasing diamonds?

Ultimately, the diamond and ring you choose is up to and you should base your decision on your personal preference. However, some good factors for you to consider before making your purchase include:

• What style and setting do I like? Solitaire, multi-stone, Halo?
• Budget – what is realistic for me?
• What is more important to me – size or quality?
• Is this piece of jewellery something I will want to wear for the rest of my life? Is the style and cut going to be timeless?
• Maintenance and insurance– is the jeweller I purchase from going to be around in 20 years to assist me? Diamonds International customers have been coming back to Charles for over 30 years for cleaning and maintenance.
• Is the quality guaranteed? How long will this diamond remain vibrant? Is the craftsmanship of the ring certain?
• Have the stones in the ring been hand set?

We are pleased to share with you over 45 years of experience on the subject of selecting and purchasing a diamond ring.

For more information on what to consider – come and visit a Diamonds International store.

When buying a diamond engagement ring, how do I determine a budget?

Diamonds International diamond engagement rings are offered from just under $5,000 to as much as your budget allows.  We are more than happy to adjust ring designs along with diamond sizes, colours and clarity to work within your budget.   One of our sales professionals would love to work with you to make your dream ring a reality.


Payment Plans

A Payment Plans are the clever way to pay for your dream diamond engagement ring or diamond jewellery. This flexible payment plan is catered to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Diamonds International now offers Payment Plans through GE Finance.  Please note conditions apply and our payment plans are not available on 40% off sale items.  Inquire in store for our other finance options available during sale periods.

Applications for GE Gem Visa Payment Plans can be made directly with GE Finance or at one of our four stores at Indooroopilly, Chermside, Carindale or Brisbane City.  All applications are subject to the approval of GE Finance. We also accept other GE Money Finance cards including Buyers Edge, GO MasterCard, Creditline & GEM VISA.

*Conditions Apply

Jewellery Care

Diamonds are precious, which is why at Diamonds International, we offer a lifetime of complimentary cleaning on all of our jewellery.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to preserving that sparkle you love so much about your Diamonds International diamond.

It’s also important to be aware of how best to protect your jewellery from damage, to keep it looking as stunning as the day you bought it.

Please refer to our Jewellery Care document to learn more information.

Care Booklet


Many people often neglect to take out insurance policies on their diamond jewellery or regularly update the value of their precious jewellery for insurance purposes.  However, the fluctuation in the market and exchange rates greatly affects the value of your diamond jewellery. Therefore, it is important to value your jewellery valued every two years and update your cover to ensure it reflects the true market value.  The majority of people do not update the value of their precious jewellery and are not fully aware of what their policy really covers.

Diamonds International offers worldwide comprehensive diamond jewellery insurance cover  through QReport that is immediately effective before leaving the store*.

This policy also offers annual revaluation of your diamond jewellery at no additional charge and covers you for the full agreed value of your jewellery with up to 125% cover.

With the purchase of a QReport  jewellery insurance policy through Diamonds International, you will also receive a hard cover book containing the details of the piece(s) of jewellery covered by the policy and the details of the policy.

Here are some Key advantages of our specialist jewellery insurance cover with QReport.

An Agreed Value With Up To 125% Cover*

Many insurers will not replace your jewellery for the value shown on the policy. Q–Report Jewellery Insurance is an agreed value policy and will pay the actual amount shown on your policy less $100 excess.

125% cover is an additional benefit built into the Q–Report policy. If you have a claim and the same item of jewellery cannot be replaced for the sum insured, we can call on an extra 25% to ensure you receive like for like putting you back into the same position you were prior to your loss.

Instant Cover

As a Q–Certified Jeweller  we can have your jewellery insured for you before you walk out the door. The moment you buy one of our stunning pieces of diamond jewellery, you’re already covered!

Worldwide Cover

12 months worldwide cover against loss, theft and damage. Feel secure to enjoy your holiday or honeymoon – it’s all about peace of mind!

Annual Revaluation of Your Jewellery at No Additional Charge

Rest assured that when you receive your renewal we have revalued your jewellery at no additional charge. This means you can enjoy your jewellery without having to worry if you have enough coverage.

If you would like to receive a quote for your jewellery insurance cover, please talk to our Diamond Consultants in our Brisbane City, Indooroopilly, Carindale or Chermside stores or click here for further information.

*Conditions Apply