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5 Ways to Show That You’ve Got an Engagement Ring On It
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5 Ways to Show That You’ve Got an Engagement Ring On It

Consider these important points before you flash your new sparkler. 

1. Plan an event with your fianc?e to announce your engagement. Decide upon a time to meet with your closest family and friends to reveal the news and your ring and tell them about it and the proposal. The way you present yourselves will show the world you are ready for your upcoming commitment.

2. It?s all in your hands now. In such a short space of time you will never have as many people caress and touch your hand as you will when you announce your engagement. Take some time to get a manicure and invest in some luxurious hand cream. A classic French polish will offset a new diamond beautifully; however if you prefer something more dramatic, red nail polish can really make a diamond sparkle.  Your hands are going to be touched by many as they admire your new engagement ring so you may as well have them looking and feeling their best.

3. If you decide to make the announcement a social affair consider your outfit options. Dressing simply and elegantly will mean that the engagement ring can take centre stage. Also think of your comfort. If you feel confident you will bring out the sparkle not only in the diamond but yourself too.

4. If your fianc?e has taken the time to pick out your engagement ring as a surprise and it does not quite fit, you may want to consider pushing back the announcement. Take the time to make sure that the ring fits and sits perfectly on your finger before you do the big reveal. Otherwise if you have been shopping with your partner to purchase the ring be sure to consider how your fingers will change with the temperature. There is nothing worse than having a ring that feels so tight you cannot wait to get it off your finger!

5. Showcasing the ring is a big deal and you may be itching to get it under everyone?s noses. Be mindful of other people’s reactions and personal space when doing so. Perhaps your friend or colleague is going through a divorce or separation and you don?t want to flaunt your ring and be insensitive. Wearing your new engagement ring on a necklace can be a great way to keep it safe but allow the reveal to close friends and family at a time that suits you before a casual acquaintance sees it and ruins your big surprise on Facebook. If your closest family or friends live far away you can take a high-quality picture of your ring to email to them and avoid the risk of them finding out through their Twitter feed rather than from you and your fianc?e personally.

If you are looking for an engagement ring to surprise your loved one with, Diamonds International has a beautiful selection of styles to choose from. You may also want to consider their traditional and creative designs for wedding rings too. They are your one stop solution for timeless diamond ring designs.

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