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A Buyer’s Guide for Men. How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring.
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A Buyer’s Guide for Men. How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring.


This may be at the top of your list when choosing an Engagement Ring. There are many reasons to buy your partner a ring to symbolise your engagement. The ring itself shows others that you have made a commitment to be married. Your beautiful lady will wear it with pride and it will show her how much she means to you. The friendly staff at Diamonds International can work to your budget and guide you through the options available. Their knowledge and expertise will ensure that you find the right ring for the right price.


Men are not known for their fashion knowledge or style so the selection of a ring may be a daunting task. There are ways to prepare yourself for the choice ahead by taking down a few key points about your lady when you are with her.

Firstly, what kind of jewellery does she already wear? Yellow gold, white gold, silver or platinum? Check out the jewellery she wears on a regular basis to determine what type of ring she is likely to want her brilliant new diamond engagement ring set in.

Secondly, what type of jewellery does she wear? Does she favour more precious stones over diamonds? Perhaps she likes dainty, fine necklaces and rings pointing you towards a more traditional Princess Cut Engagement Ring design. Maybe, she prefers something sparkly and glitzy and perhaps she may favour a diamond Dress Ring over a Solitaire Diamond Ring.

Lastly, what has she told or shown you? Have you walked past a jewellery store together and she has casually pointed out a ring to you? There may have been a conversation about a friends or relative?s engagement ring that she admired. Another sneaky way to get ideas is to follow her on Pinterest or Instagram and see if she has pinned or liked any pictures of Engagement Rings on her Social Media accounts.


There is a lot of information and research that goes into choosing the perfect Engagement Ring. Firstly, you must consider the Four C?s ? carat, colour, cut and clarity. Keep the four C?s aligned with your budget and read up on them before you approach a jeweller so you can talk openly and honestly about what you expect for your money.

Diamonds also come with certification so you can have paperwork to support the evaluation of what you have just bought. Be sure to ask the jeweller to provide the Certificate of Authenticity so you know you are covered for insurance and for peace of mind.


Mum?s the word when it comes to this momentous occasion. It is important to keep all of your digging, exploring and research on the down low because some girls really do love surprises. In some ways keeping it quiet can be difficult when you are trying to determine if she prefers a single stone or would enjoy multiple stones such as a trilogy ring, yellow gold or white gold and even a proposal in public or private.

In any case what you decide for your wedding proposal has to come from the heart. After all what you are doing is proposing to spend the rest of your life with your love. Heartfelt gestures and decisions go much further than any rushed or quick decision that could be disappointing or worse just plain wrong.

Choosing the perfect ring comes from knowing your partner well. She will be more pleased with how hard you have tried rather than how big the ring is or how much money you have spent. Diamonds International has a collection of beautiful engagement rings in various shapes and styles to please your loved one. They also offer a stunning collection of loose diamonds and a custom design option to ensure that she gets what her heart desires.

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