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A Tasmanian Sunset Elopement
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A Tasmanian Sunset Elopement

We love to hear about the journey our jewellery takes after it leaves our stores, and the role it plays in life’s special moments. After five years together, the lovely Haley and Terry recently eloped to Tasmania to celebrate an intimate wedding with family.

The stars aligned for these two when mutual friends decided to put them in touch. They enjoyed each other’s company so much that their first date lasted until the restaurant closed! They remember the night so fondly that Hayley says “we remember exactly what we shared for dinner that night and exactly what wine we had. We haven’t stopped sharing dinner since.”

Choosing the Perfect Ring

Hayley initially thought a classic solitaire engagement ring would be her choice. But when they visited Diamonds International it wasn’t the solitaire that stood out. It was Terry who noticed a stunning Long Radiant Diamond set in a halo of Pink Diamonds. “Terry ended up pointing out my ring in the window after I tried many on,” says Hayley, “he said it was the pink diamonds that gave it that point of difference. Boy, was he right! As soon as I put it on, I didn’t want to take it off. When I tried others on, I took them off and put my ring back on. For us, it was the pink diamonds that made the ring The One.”

Terry outdid himself again when it came time to propose but he had his work cut out for him keeping it a surprise. “Because I knew he had the ring, I think his proposal was difficult because if he organised anything too out of the ordinary, I would have known what was going on. We were going on holiday the following week, so I thought he was going to do it then” says Hayley. In the end Hayley says “he absolutely surprised me by proposing simply at home. It was perfect.”

A Perfect Wedding 

Terry and Hayley celebrated an intimate wedding in Tasmania with family. Their day was simple and elegant, and they managed to keep the day relaxed and stress-free. Hayley says “it was like having a long holiday and getting married at some point along the way.” Their highlight of the day was spending it together. A ceremony in the beautiful Tasmanian sunset certainly added to the magic. Hayley chose a wedding band from Diamonds International to match her engagement ring.

The happy couple has some excellent advice for others planning their wedding: “just do your thing, your way. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters on your day is your love for each other and the marriage journey that you are about to enter into.”

We are thrilled to hear that Hayley and Terry enjoyed their experience at Diamonds International Chermside. Hayley says “it was fabulous… Our sales assistant was incredibly helpful and let us take our time. We happened to have the same sales assistant when I had my wedding band made, and that process was seamless. I also really appreciate the help I get every time I walk in-store and ask for my rings to be cleaned.”

We thank Hayley and Terry for sharing their story and wish them all the best for a long and happy life together.

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