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Men’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring
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Men’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

3 Things Men Often Forget When Buying an Engagement Ring

For a man, buying an engagement ring for the woman he wants to marry is usually paved with uncertainties and self-doubt. The anxiety of buying her the perfect ring, which she is guaranteed to treasure for a long time to come, can be overwhelming.

Deciding to take the huge step of wanting to spend the rest of your life with that one person is never easy. Also, it is never assured that she will say yes which adds to the distress of the whole process.

However, a man should take onestep at a time and deal with issues as they arise and for starters, get the perfect diamond engagement ring for her. What most people don’t know is that there is more to buying such a ring than just choosing the diamond.

Here are things that a man should know before embarking on this journey:

The ring size

You have to find a way to know your woman’s ring size. Ask her discreetly or be innovative and get one of her rings measured.  Being accurate will earn you points with her but she probably won’t mind resizing it later after saying yes.

The band type

Most people focus so much on the rock that they forget about what holds the rock on her finger. The band is what will need to endure the most stress from hard detergents to constant rubbing and knocking from daily endeavours.  Gold bands are common as they are long-lasting but platinum, although pricey, lasts even longer.

Insurance and Warranty

If you have a figure in mind for the ring that is good, but don’t forget to have it insured and get a warranty after purchase. These two are after sales services that will come in handy in case of theft or loss, the warranty is good in case some damage happens to the ring.

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