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Its All About Her! How to know what she will like?

An Engagement Ring is All About Her.

When you find the love of your life it’s only a matter of time before you make it official and permanent. An engagement ring is the first step in making this statement; it helps you express your love and lets the whole world know you have found the perfect partner.

Choosing an engagement ring should never be taken lightly. By putting a lot of thought into it you will avoid disappointing your partner, who may otherwise end up exchanging the ring for another.

Most people assume the decision is simply to choose the type of ring, with diamonds being the stone of choice for most. Finding the right cut, colour, carat and clarity are, without any dispute, at the core of choosing the ring, but shouldn’t take all your energy. There are other factors to consider when seeking the right gem for your sweetheart.

For instance, consider what your wife-to-be loves. Fish around for information from friends and family, drop hints and ask discreet questions in order to keep everything on the down low.

You want to know if she favours contemporary designs or prefers vintage diamond rings. If she is into vintage things, it will be reflected in her choice of furniture, clothes and style – all of which will imply she would love a vintage diamond ring.

It is also easy to pick out her preference by being in tune with her taste in things. It will be easy to pick up on if you spend time with her watching TV (especially wedding shows!) and seeing what catches her eye in magazines. Be especially alert to her comments on engagement rings but make it discreet and, if you start early enough, she will never suspect anything.

Walk around jewellery shops with her under the ruse of window shopping and joke about the various rings to hear her comments. You will find invaluable information if you prepare early enough and always keep her at the centre of it all.