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Choosing an Engagement Ring
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Choosing an Engagement Ring

Choosing a Diamond Ring

Diamonds are forever so it’s important that you choose an engagement ring that not only suits your personality and style but a ring that looks like it belongs on your finger – not too big or not too small.

While all fingers will always look lovely when accented with an engagement ring let Diamonds International help you choose a ring that will best compliment the size and proportion of your finger and hand.

For women with small hands or short fingers the perfectly symmetrical oval shaped diamonds is the most flattering shape as the elongated shape gives the illusion of slender-looking fingers. The pear shaped diamond, a combination of the oval and marquise shaped diamonds, also compliments a small hand or short fingers. Rectangular diamonds are the least flattering as they may overwhelm short fingers.

If your hands are large and your fingers wide a ring with small diamonds may look lost. Try a ring with a large stone or even a chunky style ring if that suits your style. Having too much skin showing on either side of the ring may make your fingers look even wider than they really are.

For women with long fingers the princess and round shaped diamonds are a very flattering shape. If your fingers are narrow as well as long consider a ring with a wider band or small diamonds as it may give the illusion of your fingers being wider.

Diamonds International welcomes you to visit any one of our three Brisbane jewellery stores where our staff will be happy to assist you in choosing a ring that suits you perfectly!

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