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Colour your world!  What are the meanings of Coloured Diamonds

Colour your world! What are the meanings of Coloured Diamonds

The day your handsome prince pops the question marks the start of the most romantic and exciting time of your life. What should follow is an engagement ring, that you can flaunt on your finger for many years to come. Your engagement ring is a symbol of shimmering love and beauty and given its importance, you may wish for something a little different from a traditional, sparkling white diamond. Coloured diamonds may just be the answer!  Coloured Diamonds are classified differently to clear diamonds and these fancy coloured beauties come in just about every colour imaginable!  Not only are they a striking and rare natural beauty, each coloured diamond has a different meaning.

1. Pink Diamond

If you are the creative type – then this is the diamond for you!  A pink diamond represents creativity and will particularly suit you if your personality is artistic and imaginative.  A pink diamond is one of the rarest diamonds in the world!  

2. Blue Diamond

The groom who buys a blue diamond for his bridetobe shows his intention to promote tranquillity and calmness in all their communication. This could be the lucky charm that will keep you from experiencing the sort of fight which might send you back home, crying to your mother! Aside from reflecting peaceful communication with your partner, the blue diamond stands for good health for the bride-to-be.

3. Yellow Diamond

If you are a considerate and thoughtful bride-to-be, your fiancé may present you with a yellow diamond in order to celebrate these qualities. This diamond is meant to mark the sweetness of a bride’s personality and her willingness to help others.

4. Red Diamond

A groom who considers his future bride to be gorgeous, strong and stable may consider buying a red diamond engagement ring as it reflects the bold and beautiful character of its wearer. Aside from this, a red diamond is believed to help relieve stress. Therefore, it can shape your mental and emotional health as you start to move into a life-long relationship.

5. Black Diamond

The traditional black diamond is closely associated with action, passion, and energy.  Jewellery containing black diamonds are believed to enhance relationships, increasing inner strength and provide the wearer with balance, clarity and abundance. It is believed that the symbolic meaning of a black diamond is authority and power.

Grooms may find it tricky to decide on the style and colour of the engagement ring. So as a bride, you can help by mentioning the designs and styles of engagement rings you admire!   

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