Custom Diamond Rings

A diamond ring designed just for you is something truly memorable that will be treasured for the rest of your life, and what better way to symbolise your love and commitment than to create a custom engagement ring or custom wedding ring made just for her.

But a custom diamond ring of exquisite beauty doesn’t need to be created for a special occasion. A diamond ring that reflects your style and personality is something every woman deserves to own and wear.

At Diamonds International, we’ve been creating custom made diamond rings for over 40 years. So, if you have a vision in mind of a spectacular diamond ring, we have the expertise and experience to help you design and craft a one-of-a-kind piece of diamond jewellery that’s uniquely yours.

Custom Designed for You from Diamonds International

We deliver a personalised service and expert advice to bring your dream to life and create a diamond ring design that’s timeless and elegant. If you want nothing less than the best when designing your custom ring, visit one of our flagship jewellery stores across Brisbane and work with one of our professional sales consultants to design an exquisite custom diamond ring that stands out from the rest.

Enjoy the freedom and creativity of designing your custom ring as our experienced consultants work with you to choose your setting and diamond, tailored to your budget.

The Custom Diamond Ring Process

Designing and creating a custom diamond ring is an effortless and enjoyable process at Diamonds International. Our consultants will sit down with you and take their time to explain the custom making process so you know exactly what to expect.

There are three key phases to designing your diamond ring:


1. Pick Your Diamond

Diamonds International has over one thousand loose white diamonds available for you to choose from including a wide selection of pink and yellow diamonds as well. These precious gems range in carat size, cut and clarity, allowing you to find the diamond that is perfect for your individual requirements.

2. Pick Your Band

Diamond ring bands are available in a range of settings including solitaire, diamond band, halo and trilogy, and every setting can be made from any form of metal including gold, rose gold and white gold.

White gold is the most popular choice for the custom diamond rings we create. At Diamonds International, all our white gold bands are made using the best quality alloys including palladium, which is hypo-allergenic.

Custom Diamond Rings -3

rendering of a diamond ring

3. Visualise Your Design

To help you visualise your custom diamond ring, a 3D CAD drawing and realistically rendered drawing can be created to give you a better idea of how the ring will look upon completion. That way you know exactly what your ring will look like before it is brought to life.

Hand-Set Jewellery

When you purchase a custom designed ring, you should expect nothing less than the highest quality of service and care. That’s why at Diamonds International, we set each stone into our rings individually by hand. At Diamonds International we prefer to take our time to ensure every diamond is secured into place.

We choose to handset jewellery because the wax case process used by our competitors greatly compromises the quality of the ring, leaving it vulnerable to stones being lost.

We care about the quality and integrity of the ring you purchase from us which is why we insist on hand setting every piece of custom made jewellery to keep your precious diamonds secure and greatly reduce the likelihood of needing repairs.

Custom Engagement Rings

When you propose to the love of your life with a custom engagement ring, this iconic moment becomes that much more memorable knowing the time and care it took to create the perfect ring to symbolise your love and commitment to each other.

The dream diamond engagement ring of your bride to be can become a reality with Diamonds International. She will love the thought, care and effort that has gone into creating a custom engagement ring designed just for her. Whether you choose to create a custom engagement ring for a surprise proposal or your bride to be wants to be involved in the creative process, we can combine any setting with diamonds that match the cut, quality and clarity you desire.

Custom Wedding Rings

We love creating diamond wedding rings that sparkle with as much vibrancy as your gorgeous engagement ring. We want to ensure your wedding band perfectly complements your stunning diamond engagement ring and creating a custom wedding band is the best way to do this. Whether your engagement ring has a simple or elaborate design, we can make a custom wedding ring that will be the perfect match.

If you want to guarantee your engagement ring and wedding band will be the perfect pair, we can also help you design an engagement ring set that includes an engagement ring and wedding band specifically designed to fit together perfectly.

GIA Certified Diamonds

A Diamonds International GIA Certified stone means you can be certain of the authenticity of these specific diamonds. We only stock the very best GIA certified stones to pair with your custom diamond ring.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is a not-for-profit institute considered to be the world’s primary expert body on diamonds. The majority of Diamonds International gems have been awarded the GIA certification.

A laser inscription is microscopically inscribed on the diamond’s girdle with its unique GIA report number for easy identification. Our staff members will be happy to show you this inscription on our diamonds when you are in store.

Excellence, Experience & Quality Custom Diamond Rings with Diamonds International

As the home of the white diamond, you can expect nothing less than sparkling brilliance and exquisite quality from your custom made diamond ring from Diamonds International. Whether it be a custom engagement ring, a custom wedding ring or a stunning dress ring, we take the time and care that’s needed to ensure you get a brilliant ring design that’s uniquely yours.

Come visit us in store to find out more about our custom diamond ring services and see our GIA certified diamonds and exquisite settings for yourself.

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