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Custom Made Diamond Jewellery Brisbane

Believe it or not there are no strict set of rules to choosing the perfect engagement ring.  Your dream ring doesn’t have to be a flawless diamond or a classic round brilliant cut diamond solitaire – diamond engagement rings can be unconventional, totally in tune with fashion trends or reflective of your fiancees individual sense of style.   By adding a splash of colour, choosing a unique diamond cut or mixing-it-up with a combination of yellow and white gold can put a modern and expressive twist on a timeless custom.

With magazines, blogs and high end jewellery being sold online, the modern woman is not only more abreast of what’s in fashion than ever before, they are more likely to actively invest in jewellery themselves.  So, your first clue to finding her dream diamond engagement ring is in the pieces she already wears.

Custom made diamond jewellery.

If she is a modern girl that’s like to be different, then there is always the option to custom make the perfect ring for her to suit her fashion sensibilities and personal style.  It does not cost anymore at Diamonds International to have your engagement ring custom made and in many cases it is more cost effective as you are able to hand select your own diamond to have set into the style that you desire.

When choosing the perfect engagement ring – remember that there are no rules to limit your imagination. Your dream ring may be any shape of diamond – a classic round brilliant cut, cushion cut, oval or pear. The design may be a diamond solitaire, a trilogy or the ever popular halo. However for something as individual as you – at Diamonds International if you can’t find ‘the one’ you are looking for in stock let us have it designed and created for you. The benefit of a bespoke ring design is that you have complete creative control over the components and specifications you desire. Our diamond consultants can offer you guidance and advice on personalising your ring design. With the latest technology we can now bring your dream ring to life in a CAD (Computer Aided Design) three dimensional version in print to view prior to the final creation. We can help make diamond ring design exciting, romantic and a truly wonderful experience.

Here are some Diamonds International custom made diamond engagement rings to give you some inspiration when choosing your fiancees dream ring and have her saying ‘yes’ in no time!

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