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Discover the best Diamond Jewellery Insurance

Did you know that fluctuation in the market and exchange rates greatly affects the value of your diamond jewellery? So, it is important to value your jewellery valued every two years and update your cover to ensure it reflects the true market value.

90% of people do not update the value of their precious jewellery and are not fully aware of what their policy really covers. Check the fine print of your insurance cover as chances are it is not what you think it is. Most policies do not cover for loss or damage outside of your home or overseas and only cover you for what is specified on your policy.

Diamonds International offers 12 months free worldwide comprehensive diamond jewellery insurance cover that is immediately effective before leaving the store*. This policy also offers annual revaluation of your jewellery at no additional charge and covers you for the full agreed value of your jewellery with up to 125% cover.

*Conditions apply

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