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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Made Jewellery
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Everything You Need to Know About Custom Made Jewellery

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of getting custom jewellery made, you probably think it’s a costly and lengthy endeavour. But it’s not just an option for the rich and famous, nor should it be seen as a splurge purchase only for special occasions.

Custom made jewellery is accessible to everyone.

In reality, custom made jewellery can cost the exact same price as an item of jewellery you purchase off the shelf. Why? Because the cost comes down to the materials used, the size and quality of the gemstones, the complexity of the design and how long it takes to craft the piece. These variables are all the same whether it was pre-made to sit on a shelf or made to suit your specifications.

At Diamonds International we custom make diamond rings at no extra charge. So, if you have a dream ring in mind and you haven’t found anything quite right on the shelves, nothing is stopping you from choosing to have your ring custom made.

Workshop Bench with Tools | Source: Unsplash

Source: unsplash

The Benefits of Purchasing Custom Made Jewellery

One of a Kind – Depending how complex or unique your design is, there’s every chance your custom piece of jewellery will be one of a kind. Choosing the custom-made option is the only way to obtain a piece of jewellery that’s uniquely yours with a look like no other.

Made to Your Specifications – The power is in your hands. You can be as specific or as broad as you want, and you can guarantee it will come out in the end looking exactly as you had hoped for and it will fit perfectly the first time.

Show Off Your Personality – Creating a custom jewellery design is your chance to be creative. Your custom piece of jewellery will be especially precious to you knowing you came up with the look and design yourself, making it a piece that you’re guaranteed to treasure forever.

Same Price – As we mentioned before, there’s no reason to pay more than what you’d pay off the shelf, especially when you get a custom ring made at Diamonds International. We can get a custom ring made at no extra cost to you.

The Process Involved in Creating a Custom Ring

Getting a custom ring created is much easier than most people think. At Diamonds International, we follow a simple 3 step system that makes the custom ring making process an effortless and enjoyable experience for our customers.

Before you even begin, you first need to sit down with a jeweller to discuss exactly what to expect. This is your chance to understand exactly what’s involved before you decide to go ahead with the process. All expectations will be laid out on the table here so sit up, pay attention and make sure this is something you want to go ahead with.

  1. Pick Your Diamonds or Gemstones

    The crowning glory of any ring is the diamonds or gemstones you choose to go into it. Any good quality jeweller will show you a selection of diamonds and gemstones in person for you to choose from. You’ll have the opportunity to view stones with a range of sizes, cuts, colours and clarity to suit all budgets, tastes and individual requirements.

  2. Pick Your Band

    Next you need to pick your band. Choose the width, fit, setting and material including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, silver, titanium and more. Make sure you try on different bands and settings in store to get an idea of the type of band you’re after. Also, check with your jeweller that quality alloys are used so that your ring has good strength and tarnish resistance.

  3. Visualise Your Design

    Explain in as much detail as possible exactly how you would like your ring to look. Your consultant should prompt you with all the questions and specifications they need to know to make sure the ring looks just right. A realistic 3D rendered drawing of your ring creation will then be made so you’ll see exactly what it will look like when it’s brought to life. Once you’re happy with how it looks, your custom ring order will be placed. Now you just have to wait patiently until your ring is ready.

Hand-Set vs Cast Jewellery

Jewellery can either be cast or handset. Casting involves a mould being made in the jewellery piece’s shape and metal is poured into the mould. When the metal hardens, the cast is formed. This process usually takes place for jewellery that is mass produced, so it’s not commonly done when creating custom made jewellery. Instead, the handset option is often preferred when creating a custom piece. The quality is also much higher in many cases, which is why all custom rings are handmade here at Diamonds International.

When a piece of jewellery is handset, the gemstones are set into place by hand, and once everything looks perfect, it’s hand polished too. When jewellery is handset not only is it stronger, but it’s also easy to make modifications during the manufacturing process – making it ideal custom pieces.

Is Custom Designed Jewellery Worth It?

This question really comes down to personal preference. When deciding whether to go ahead with making a custom piece or not, you do need to keep in mind that it does take some time for your custom piece to be made.

If you don’t mind waiting for your jewellery to be made and you love the idea of having total control over what your jewellery will look like, custom jewellery is worth the effort. On the other hand, if you’re short on time and you need a specific piece of jewellery for an upcoming special occasion, there certainly isn’t anything wrong with buying off the shelf. You will often find lots of variety in store and the piece you buy will be the same quality too.

View our custom diamond rings page for more information about having a custom piece made just for you by Brisbane’s home of the white diamondDiamonds International.

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