Gold is the traditional metal used for engagement rings and because of its unique qualities it has withstood the test of time to be the most popular choice of metal.


Naturally found in a distinct yellow colour, gold can also be combined with metal alloys to create another colour.

Yellow Gold

Natural gold combined with colour saturated alloys, most commonly copper with a red hue, and silver with a green hue, is what gives yellow gold it’s warm colour and shine.

White Gold

White gold is characterised by its silver-white colour. Gold combined with metal alloys that are white in colour, commonly nickel, manganese or palladium, create white gold. The combination of metals is plated with rhodium for strength.


Gold is a popular setting choice for diamond engagement rings as it is resistant to rust and tarnishing. Gold is a good option for a less expensive alternative to platinum.


We advise you to clean your gold engagement ring setting by buffing with a soft jewellery cloth.