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Bracelets & Bangles Buyers Guide

A bracelet can be a simple yet eye-catching addition to any outfit – especially when it’s lined with brilliant white diamonds from Diamonds International.

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An Opulent Luxury

Owning a piece of jewellery filled with diamonds is an opulent luxury that exudes class and status, and at Diamonds International, you will feel every bit a princess when wearing one of our superior quality bracelets on your wrist. Every stone in every bracelet we sell is handset and crafted to last. We’re passionate about fine jewellery and diamonds, and as true diamond specialists, we’re committed to including quality stones in all of our bracelets and bangles.

Bracelet & Bangle Styles and Designs

All bangles and bracelets in our collection include our signature white diamonds or gemstones and are available in 18ct white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. But choosing a quality piece largely comes down to the style and make of the bracelet itself.

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets are by far the most popular choice for wrist jewellery. This eye-catching bracelet features a thin band of metal with multiple diamonds set into it symmetrically, creating a continuous line of shimmering brilliance. The diamonds or gemstones included in the band can either sit flush against each other or be spaced evenly along the length of the bracelet.

Because tennis bracelets fall close to the wrist, they’re very comfortable to wear. Tennis bracelets also come in a variety of settings and include gems of all cuts, types and quality.


Worn on their own or in a set, bangles are crafted into rigid rings that can be slipped over a wrist with ease. Most bangles form an unbroken circle however some bangles may form a C shape or include a small chain and clasp between a gap for better security and fit on the wrist.

Diamond bangles come in a variety of widths. From a thin circular bangle featuring a single line of delicate diamonds to a diamond cluster bangle with a wider flat band, any style or look you want can be found here at Diamonds International.

Chain Bracelets

There’s nothing more delicate and refined than a thin gold chain dotted with small sparkling white diamonds. These precious chain bracelets are subtle, simple and go perfectly together with practically every outfit. The minimalist perfection of this bracelet style is increasingly popular and looks great with casual and evening wear alike.

A gold diamond bangle and a white gold diamond bracelet are placed on a natural stone

Buying a Beautiful Bracelet as a Gift

A beautiful bracelet is a wonderful gift for any occasion. Whether it be a thoughtful Mother’s Day present, a special way to say thank you or a caring birthday gift, diamonds are forever – and so is the diamond bracelet you purchase from Diamonds International.

Whether you have something special in mind or you need some help picking just the right piece of jewellery that truly represents the message you want to convey, our consultant can help point you in the right direction. We will even box up the bracelet in a high-end Diamonds International box, ready for you to gift to that special someone.

Choosing a Bracelet or Bangle in Store

The best part of buying your bracelets and bangles from Diamonds International is being able to interact with real jewellery experts in store who really know what they’re talking about. By speaking to a member of our team in store, you’ll discover a whole world of possibilities from being taught about the craftsmanship and meaning behind different pieces to the ins and outs of designing a bracelet of your own.

Come along to our Brisbane City, Chermside or Carindale store to see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Diamonds International - The Home of the White Diamond - Westfield Chermside
A gold diamond tennis bracelet, gold diamond bangle and a white gold diamond tennis bracelet are stacked on a natural stone column draped with greenery

Bracelets & Bangles with Endless Sparkle

There’s nothing more eye-catching than the sparkle of a diamond – but when you own a bracelet that’s lined with multiple shimmering gems and crafted into a delicate design, the fire and vibrancy is truly something to behold.

Come see us at Diamonds International and spoil yourself or that special someone with a bracelet or bangle that will be cherished forever.

Our Most Popular Bracelets & Bangles

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