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Coloured Stone Rings Buyers Guide

Although we may be known for our love of the white diamond, at Diamonds International, we also celebrate diamonds and gemstones of all colours.

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Add Some Colour

Adding some colour to a piece of jewellery is perfect for any birthday, anniversary or memorable occasion. Whatever colour gemstone or diamond you love the most, we can create the perfect piece of jewellery to match.

From beautiful blue and yellow ceylon sapphires to fiery red rubies, fancy yellow and rare pink diamonds, emeralds, tanzanites and aquamarines, you will find our collection of coloured gemstones and coloured diamond rings will add a touch of individuality and glamour to your style.

At Diamonds International, any coloured stone you desire can be found here. We sell loose Ceylon sapphires in a wide range of colours as well as rubies, emeralds, tanzanites, tourmalines and coloured diamonds.

You can have any coloured gemstone or diamond set into your chosen ring or piece of jewellery, and if we don’t have the type of stone or colour you’re after in stock, we can source the gem and get a few different samples in store for you to choose from.

Like a diamond, each individual gemstone is completely unique in colour and has its own distinctive shade or hue. The quality of the gemstone and the differences in colour can also have a big impact on the value and price of the gemstone, so keep this in mind when picking your perfect coloured stone.

Visit us in store to see for yourself the gemstone and coloured diamond rings we have available.

Ruby Ring on natural round stone

Dress Rings

Coloured stones are especially popular in dress rings, adding a pop of colour and vibrancy to any outfit. Coloured dress rings we have in store are set with colourful sapphires which come in a huge range of colours from dark blue and vibrant pink to shimmering yellow and forest green. We can also create a custom dress ring for you that includes any stone you like.

A yellow diamond halo coloured stone ring sits on a lily stem

Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring is a symbol of shimmering love and beauty and given its importance, you may wish for something a little different from a traditional, sparkling white diamond. Coloured diamonds or other coloured gemstones may be just the look you’re after.

Emerald pendant necklace, emerald halo rings draped over natural stone with floral arrangement

Gifts & Special Occasions

Every month has its own birthstone and every gemstone holds its own special meaning, making coloured stone rings the perfect gift for birthdays and special occasions. When you own a ring with a precious stone that holds meaning and value to you, it will be treasured for life.


One of the most popular gemstones for engagement rings, the sapphire is the next hardest gemstone after the diamond and comes in a variety of colours including violet, green, orange, purple, yellow, pink and blue.

Blue sapphires are the most popular and the most well known, and like all gemstones, they come in various hues from pale blue to vivid royal blue. Again, the colour of the blue sapphire is the most important factor when determining its value.

Pink sapphires come in very pale baby pink to vivid, intense magenta and Yellow sapphires can range in colour from greenish yellow to medium yellow and vibrant canary yellow. Both sapphire varieties are also desirable and more affordable substitutes to pink and yellow diamonds.

At Diamonds International, we’re proud to include the world-renowned Ceylon Sapphires in our collection. Originating from Sri Lanka, Ceylon Sapphires have a vibrancy and brilliance like no other.

Electra – Ruby Split Band Halo Dress Ring


The ultimate stone to represent love and passion, you won’t find a more vibrant and fiery stone than the red ruby. Colour is the most important factor affecting a ruby’s value. Although choosing the ‘right’ coloured gemstone is a completely personal choice, the finest ruby is vibrant red to a slightly purplish-red colour.

18K Emerald Stone Halo Ring


An enchanting stone with a vibrant green colour that symbolises rebirth and renewal, the most valuable emerald stones have a bluish-green to green hue with a medium-dark tone. Because of its natural six-sided prism form, this stone is naturally suited and often found in an emerald cut.

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Rings


Tanzanite is commonly found in blue and violet varieties but can appear differently when viewed under alternate lighting conditions. This vivacious coloured stone is pretty new on the scene as it was only discovered in commercial quantities in the 1960’s, but it has very quickly grown in popularity to become the second most popular blue gem after the sapphire.

Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Halo Dress Ring


This semi-precious stone comes in a wide spectrum of colours. Bi-coloured and multicoloured crystals are also common, creating a rainbow effect in the stone with a multitude of colour combinations. This is a wonderful stone choice for creating a unique and colourful piece of jewellery.

A woman's outstretched hand showcases a selection of Coloured stone rings

Design Your Own Coloured Stone Ring

When you choose to have your ring custom designed at Diamonds International, the options are endless!

From sparkling Ceylon sapphires to red rubies, whatever precious gems you choose for your coloured stone ring, at Diamonds International, any gem cut can be paired with any style and make of ring to achieve the look you love the most.

Whether it be a bold and beautiful dress ring or an elegant engagement ring, we can help you find the perfect coloured stone to suit every occasion.


Spectacular Coloured Stone Rings – Diamonds International

When you see the colours and variety of our stones at Diamond International, you’ll be overwhelmed with choice. Visit us in store and get advice from the experts to choose the perfect gemstone and setting combination for you.

Find or create the perfect coloured stone ring right here at Diamonds International. Whether you visit our Brisbane City, Chermside or Carindale store, your perfect Ceylon sapphire, emerald or ruby ring is only a short drive away.

Two Sapphire rings displayed on white marble accompanied by a daffodil

Our Most Popular Coloured Stone Rings

Ceylon Sapphire Double Halo Ring

Yellow Diamond Double Halo Ring

Pink Round Brilliant Cut Sapphire Halo Dress Ring

Oval Tanzanite Diamond Halo Dress Ring

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