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The History and Features of Princess Cut Diamonds
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The History and Features of Princess Cut Diamonds

Diamonds International is proud of our exquisite selection of loose diamonds hand-picked by Charles Bentley who believes that diamonds symbolise “the celebration of life in all its facets”.

A Princess Cut diamond is a special kind of stone as it embraces the design features of the Round Brilliant Cut, Barion Cut and Quadrillion cut. It is a contemporary and modern style square cut which is the most brilliant of all square diamond shapes.


Who is the Princess Cut Diamond for?

Due to its modern appeal many women are embracing the Princess Cut diamond shape for both engagement rings and diamond dress rings. The shape is best suited to ladies with long fingers and for use on eternity bands. Because of its light, brilliance and shape it is also perfect for solitaire engagement rings and earrings.

The History of the Princess Cut

Originally the name ‘Princess Cut’ was used to describe diamond cuts known as a profile cut back in 1961. In 1979 three Israeli jewellery designers attributed the name Princess Cut or Square Modified Brilliant to what we recognise today as the Princess Cut Diamond.

Features of the Princess Cut

The Princess Cut Diamond is the square shape comprised of either 57 or 76 facets that have ratios of 1.0 to 1.05. It has a pyramidal shape with four bevelled sides to create increased light dispersion within the stone compared with other square diamond cuts.

Diamonds International knows that the Princess Cut Diamond is a popular choice amongst engaged couples looking for the perfect engagement ring. Our Princess Cut Engagement RingPrincess Cut & Channel Set Engagement Ring and Princess Cut Double Claw Engagement Ring” are some of our best engagement ring sellers in Brisbane. Pop into one of three conveniently located Brisbane jewellery stores in Brisbane City, Chermside or Carindale to take a look at our stunning selection of engagement ringsdiamond dress ringsdiamond wedding ringsdiamond braceletsdiamond necklaces and diamond earrings.

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