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How to choose Engagement Rings for an active lifestyle.
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How to choose Engagement Rings for an active lifestyle.

Which Engagement Rings Are Good For an Active Lifestyle?

These days, there are numerous features of Engagement Rings that may not be ideal for those people who lead an active lifestyle. Of course, one of the appealing features of an engagement ring is its ability to stand out and be noticed.  However, in some instances, this may make it susceptible to scratches, cracks and at times, irreversible damage.

Nevertheless, it is still possible, after planning and research, to get the ideal engagement ring which suits an active lifestyle while at the same time gives the bride-to-be a highly desirable, dazzling, and glamorous look.

Harder gemstones

First, you need to consider the stone selection. The hardness of each gemstone is based on Mohs scale, which ranges from 1 (soft) to 10 (hard). On this scale, diamonds usually rank at 10, emeralds at 7, sapphires at 9 and opals at 5.5.   Therefore, the best rings for an active lifestyle should possibly feature a sapphire or diamond.

This doesn’t mean that sapphires and diamonds can stand excessive bangs or knocks. They too can get damaged if bumped or knocked.  It is advisable that you remove any ring before any vigorous activity, and this applies to these harder gemstones too.

Appropriate setting

The mounting and setting of gemstones is imperative. Common mounting techniques that raise the gemstones farther from the band can expose the gems to surface damage and other impacts. They also have a tendency to snag on clothes and other items, which can be annoying.

Try and avoid the prong settings or solitaire styles. You can choose the halo or pave setting, or one in which gemstones are a bit more snugly inset within the band.

Not the sharp-edged ones

Common knowledge indicates that gems cut with sharp corners and in very angular shapes are likely to be prone to chipping or snagging.  Such gems therefore not make the ideal engagement centerpiece for active people. Avoid marquise cuts, emerald cuts, and pear cuts.

Instead, go for rings whose gemstones have softer cuts like the round, brilliant, or oval cuts. Such rings will be sturdier and better suited because of their protective shape.


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