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How to Choose the Perfect Diamond
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How to Choose the Perfect Diamond

Planning on getting engaged? Then you are probably also wondering “how do I choose the perfect diamond”?

When choosing a diamond I actually look at the stone itself. Having tried to buy off lists and photographs, more often than not the end result is a disappointment. There is no substitute to actually viewing a stone. Does it have lustre? Does it scintillate? Is it dull looking or does it shine brightly and sparkle? Does it look milky because of florescence? Can I see any inclusions black or white? My final decision after viewing the stone under magnification is to place it on my hand, not necessarily in direct light and see if it has the ‘bling’ factor that sets it apart from other stones. That’s why it is so important not to buy off a list, over the internet or from a photograph. Nothing replaces viewing the stone yourself and being able to compare it with others.

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