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How to Pick a Wedding Band to Match Your Engagement Ring
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How to Pick a Wedding Band to Match Your Engagement Ring

While a lot of time and thought probably went into picking the perfect engagement ring, did you ever think to consider the type of wedding ring you’ll need to buy to match it?

Wedding bands can complement or overpower your wedding ring, so picking the right one is always a big deal. But once you know what to look for and you have some ideas in mind, the process of finding the perfect match will be so much easier for you.


Complement Your Engagement Ring

The one thing many brides want more than anything else is a wedding band that complements the engagement ring. An engagement ring is likely to be the most expensive piece of jewellery you ever own, so buying a wedding ring that doesn’t detract too much from it and instead complements and enhances its best features is often the top priority. If your engagement ring is lined with diamonds, a simple band with no gems can ensure the spotlight remains on your stunning engagement ring.

So, if you want your engagement ring to stand out, when trying on wedding rings, take note of where your eye is drawn to. If you find yourself looking at the engagement ring first while wearing the wedding ring, then you’ve found what you’re after.

On the other hand, if you have a simple solitaire engagement ring with no embellishments along the side, a wedding band brimming with diamonds can actually add more sparkle to the finger without looking obnoxious.

White Ring with Stone | Diamonds International


Bridal Sets

If you want to get a perfect pair right from the get-go, why not buy a bridal set? By purchasing a bridal set that includes both an engagement ring and a wedding ring, you’ll avoid the time, effort and drama of having to find a wedding ring down the track.

You can find a wide variety of bridal sets to suit all diamond cuts, materials and style preferences. At Diamonds International we can even custom make a bridal set from scratch to suit your tastes perfectly.


Ring Metal

For a wedding ring to look perfectly paired with your engagement ring, you must make sure the ring metal is the same. When we say ring metal, we don’t just mean white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. You should make sure the carats in your band are identical too. If they aren’t the same, the colour and look of the band will vary slightly.

For example, an 18 carat white gold ring will be a slightly darker shade of sliver compared to a 9 carat gold ring. A 9 carat gold ring will also deteriorate faster and tarnish quicker.


Notch or Curved Wedding Rings

If you have an engagement ring that’s in a trilogy or has a large centre stone, you may notice that a standard wedding band often won’t sit flush against the engagement ring. Notch or curved wedding rings are the ultimate solution to this problem.

These rings have a slight bend or notch in the band itself so that the diamond in an engagement ring sits in it perfectly. The band therefore bends around your diamonds and sits snuggly alongside the engagement ring.


Diamonds or No Diamonds

This question is largely up to your own personal taste. Traditionally, wedding bands were simple, plain metal rings with no gemstones, diamonds or embellishments. But these days, more brides choose to add extra sparkle to their wedding bands with either a half or full band of diamonds to further accentuate the engagement ring’s sparkle.

Even if your engagement is already brimming with beautiful diamonds, if you absolutely love the shimmering sparkle of diamonds, nothing is stopping you from adding another wedding band lined with bling to your finger. Just make sure the diamonds are of a similar size, shape and quality to pull off a consistent look.

White Band | Diamonds International


Matching Design

Is your engagement ring design classily simplistic, elaborately bold or intricately petite? Every ring has its own unique look and subtle features, so to get it just right, ask your jeweller to create your wedding ring with a matching design. From embellishments right down to diamond size and placement, at Diamonds International we can mirror any unique engagement details you like in your wedding band and ensure they are identical.

If your engagement ring has a fairly unique or signature look, to know for sure that your wedding ring will match, you should always consider buying it from the same jeweller. The jeweller will know exactly what wedding ring to choose.


Custom Fitted Wedding Bands

Wedding bands can be made to order to suit the style and look of your engagement ring. A contour wedding ring is the most popular fitted wedding ring style that’s often custom made for brides. This custom ring will follow the line of the engagement ring exactly, making it seem as if it locks perfectly in place alongside your engagement ring.

At Diamonds International, custom fit wedding rings can be made to fit alongside any unique diamond cut. Once our jeweller looks at your engagement ring, they will come up with design ideas. Once you’re happy with the design, your wedding ring will be created from scratch for you.


Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

You could offset the bright vivaciousness of your coloured gemstone engagement with the white sparkle of diamonds in your wedding band. Or if you have a diamond engagement ring, why not add some more colour to your life by choosing a wedding band lined with your favourite coloured gemstones? Adding some colours to your bridal set will surely set you apart from the rest in all the right ways.


Jewelry Box with Rings | Diamonds International

Mismatched Rings

There are no rules saying your wedding ring needs to sit perfectly in line with your engagement ring and have a matching look that’s’ complementary. More brides these days are bucking this trend by deliberately mismatching their engagement ring and wedding band, either by picking different wedding band materials, gemstones or stiles from one another.

By doing this, instead of matching perfectly together, both rings look like they are completely individual from each other and just happen to be sitting together on the same finger. So, in the end, picking a wedding ring is all about reflecting your own personal style, whatever that may be.


Find Your Ideal Wedding Ring at Diamonds International

Finding a wedding ring is often a second thought after the excitement of buying your engagement ring, but at Diamonds International we will do everything we can to make your wedding ring purchase just as exciting and memorable. Creating custom wedding bands that are designed to fit your engagement ring perfectly is our specialty.

We love creating engagement rings and wedding bands that are made to be together and suit the style and tastes of the new couple down to the T. Visit one of our four jewellery stores across Brisbane to see the exquisite beauty of our diamond ring collection.

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