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Jewellery and Face Shapes

Jewellery and Face Shapes

What jewellery suits your shape of face?

We are all individuals, we all have different tastes and different styles. Yet somehow we seem to instinctively know what suits us and what doesn’t.

Our faces are categorised into four different shapes – oval, round, heart and oblong, as a rule of thumb there are certain styles that suit each shape.

Here is our quick guide to what might suit you, we are happy to spend some one to one time with you when you visit our Brisbane jewellery stores and advise you on what diamond jewellery compliments you and your individuality.

Of course, it goes without saying that Diamonds suit everyone…

Oval Face

An Oval face is said to be a well balanced face. When choosing a necklace consider a choker as they are beautiful for a long neck. Other looks include pearls as they give of illusion of lengthening the torso, a dangling necklace looks great, especially with a low cut neckline.

Women with an oval may not want to go for especially large earrings, rather, subtle round shapes, button or hoops. Triangular earrings can also be pretty and studs can be worn with an oval face. The only style you may want to avoid is anything too long in length.

Round Face

A round face is as wide as it is long (in extreme cases), you want to create the illusion of lengthening your face.

Long necklaces give the illusion of lengthening which helps to balance the round face. Necklaces with one strong feature are perfect for round faces as this changes the focus to the pendant.

Most earrings suit the round face particularly drop earrings, square and rectangular earrings. The only style you may want to avoid is hoop earrings.

Heart Faces

Heart faces tend to have a wider forehead than chin, this can be balanced out by wearing wider earrings such as triangular shapes.

A choker looks elegant with a heart shaped face. A long necklace around twice, once at 16-17″ and again at 26-30″ is also a great look.

Drop  earrings can add width to the chin. Triangular shaped earrings even out the face and change the focus.

Oblong Faces

Oblong faces appear too long and narrow, hoop earrings add width to the face and make it appear fuller.

A choker, 16″ necklace or a round or ‘U’ shape necklace all look gorgeous with oblong faces.

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