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Jewellery Trends 2015 – Rose the new White Gold
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Jewellery Trends 2015 – Rose the new White Gold

Yellow and rose gold has long been considered out-of fashion with white gold taking center-stage. However, in 2015 both of these fabulous shades of gold are making a fashionable return to diamond jewellery design and in fact, Rose gold fast becoming considered “the new white”.

Fashion magazines and celebrities are already celebrating rose gold as the new ‘IT’ jewellery trend for 2015.   Blake Lively stunned the wedding world with her beautiful rose gold diamond engagement ring, while Lauren Conrad’s shimmering diamond ring was set in a bold yellow gold band.

White gold has a cooler more modern and steely appeal while rose gold presents a much warmer, vintage feel that is fast becoming more fashion-forward.  The pretty ‘pink’ shade of gold offers a fresh statement for bridal jewellery and diamond engagement rings.  However, don’t worry if white gold is still your metal of choice in diamond jewellery as it will never go-out-of style and is here to stay!




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