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Diamonds Are Forever! – How to Love and Cherish Your Jewellery:  The Do’s and Don’ts

You wash your clothes, polish your shoes, and get your best coats dry cleaned in order to keep them looking and feeling their best. Well, jewellery is no different! You need to clean it, care for it, and enjoy wearing it. Here are some things you should do and not do to keep your diamonds sparkling.


First, do wear the jewellery! After all, it’s meant for wearing and it will last if it’s treated with a little respect and care.

Do take your jewellery back for a service after a few years. Many jewellery providers are good at this and they’ll make your pieces look new again!

Do check the setting if the ring has undergone a hard knock. The stone may have been dislodged, making it necessary to tighten the setting. If you’re in doubt, take it to experts for a quick check.

Do check for any loose stones regularly by using your finger to gently tap the piece while holding it close to your ear.


Don’t throw your jewellery into your bag! Polished surfaces will scratch, chains will kink and stones will break. Instead, keep the jewellery in a box, preferably the box that the piece was sold in. This is because such a box will be the right size for the piece.

Don’t swim in any chlorinated pool with your jewellery on. Most pools are chlorinated and if you do choose to swim, be sure to leave your jewellery somewhere safe first.

Don’t engage in manual work such as gardening or heavy lifting while wearing precious rings. They can easily be bent out of shape with this sort of pressure.

Don’t wrap jewellery inside tissues in an attempt to protect them-they can easily get thrown out! Instead, keep each piece separate and wrapped in velvet or silk.

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