A natural living gem and symbol of the sea, the pearl will forever be a must-have jewellery accessory for necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

Just like our white diamonds, at Diamonds International, we always stock the highest quality selection of pearls. The timeless sophistication of a lustrous pearl is enhanced even more when it’s sourced from the depths of the South Sea off the coast of Australia.

Our perfect collection of pearls can be purchased loose or be included in any piece of jewellery you can dream up. See the wide variety of Australian South Sea pearls and pearl jewellery in store for yourself today.

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Australian South Sea Pearls from Diamonds International

At Diamonds International, we’re known for providing our customers with the highest quality gems, and our pearls are no exception.

Our saltwater cultured pearls are sourced from the South Sea of Australia. The largest of all the pearls, Australian South Sea pearls are renowned for their thick pearl nacre as well as their unrivalled rarity, natural lustre and quality – making them extremely precious treasures from nature that you can keep and cherish forever.

Because of these exceptional qualities, Australian South Sea pearls are considered to be the most valuable and highly sought-after pearls in the world.

All pearls sourced directly from nature are also extremely rare, with less than 5% of total pearl production coming from the sea and only 1 in every 10,000 wild oysters holding a glorious pearl.

Whatever lustre, complexion, shape, colour or size you desire for your pearls, you can find them here amongst our Australian South Sea pearl collection at Diamonds International.


The Story Behind our Australian South Sea Pearls

Our exquisite collection of Australian South Sea pearls is sourced from one of the oldest pearling farming families in Australia – the Ellies family.

Based in Broome (the heart of the world’s South Sea pearling industry), the Ellies family have been connoisseurs of the pearling industry for over 125 years. Starting back in 1888, they have forever been committed to upholding their legacy of sourcing and supplying exquisite quality South Sea pearls that are renowned the world over.

At Diamonds International, we’re very proud to support the invaluable Australian pearling trade and provide this very precious collection to our valued customers.

Choosing the Perfect Pearl

Pearls are sorted and graded according to the following five key elements, which each have an impact on the value and rarity of the pearl.

Lustre – The most important characteristic of any pearl, lustre is the brilliantly glossy look that makes pearls so iconic. Lustre grading ranges from poor to excellent and has the greatest impact on a pearl’s quality.

Shape – Pearls can be found in round, drop, oval, button and baroque shapes. At Diamonds International, we also stock keshi cultured pearls which feature unique free form shapes and an intense lustre.

Colour – Pearls hold rich and varied colours. Australian South Sea pearls come in white, white pink, silver, silver pink, gold, champagne and cream, with white pink being the most desirable and valuable colour.

Complexion – A pearl with a flawless surface is extremely desirable and very rare. The number and size of the imperfections on the pearl’s surface will have a big impact on the pearl’s allure and value.

Size – Australian South Sea pearls typically range in size from 11mm to 16mm, however, the largest sizes can exceed 20mm. The larger the pearls, the more rare and valuable they are.


Pearl Jewellery

At Diamonds International, we craft the finest pieces of jewellery with the most outstanding South Sea pearls in both contemporary and classic styles to suit all tastes and budgets.

Pearl Jewellery

South Sea Pearl Studs

An essential set for every woman’s earring collection, our stunning South Sea pearl studs feature 18ct white gold posts and are created with simplicity in mind so they can be worn for practically every occasion.

South Sea Pearl Earrings

The glamour and elegance of our pearl and diamond earrings is undeniable. With 18ct white gold posts lined with sparkling diamonds and a pair of exquisite pearls, these earrings really are a knockout.

South Sea Pearl Pendant

This alluring pendant displays a large, gorgeous and glossy pearl with a crown of decorative diamonds hanging delicately from the chain. The design of this stunning pendant also pairs perfectly with our glamorous South Sea pearl earrings.

Other Pearl Jewellery

This is just a sample of the stunning pearl jewellery pieces we have available in store. If you don’t find anything on our website or in store that catches your eye, you can also custom make your very own jewellery design featuring one or more South Sea pearls with unrivalled lustre in various colours or sizes.

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Whether it be diamonds, gemstones or pearls, at Diamonds International, the highest level of craftsmanship goes into every piece of jewellery we create.

The glistening sheen and rarity of an Australian South Sea pearl pairs perfectly with the shimmering brilliance of a white diamond to create a stunning piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime.

At Diamonds International, we’re dedicated to creating the highest quality pieces of jewellery and ensure that every one of our customers receives value for money and a beautiful piece that will last, which is why South Sea pearls are the only choice to make when creating stunning pearl jewellery.

You must see the exquisite beauty of our pearl collection for yourself in store.

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