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Sapphires – The Gemstone of Choice for Coloured Stone Engagement Rings
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Sapphires – The Gemstone of Choice for Coloured Stone Engagement Rings

Diamonds aren’t every girls’ best friend, so it’s not surprising that many ladies avoid diamond jewellery altogether and opt for something a bit more colourful instead – sapphires.

While there are many gemstone alternatives out there to choose from, when it comes to engagement rings, more brides-to-be end up receiving sapphires over any other type of gemstone. In this blog, we want to explore why that is and provide you with all the information you need to choose a sapphire of your very own for your engagement ring.


About Sapphires

While you’ll find many gemstones that burst with colour such as emeralds, rubies or garnets, sapphires shine above the rest.

Here are some key facts you should know about sapphires before deciding if a sapphire engagement ring is right for you:

  • Sapphires come in a range of opulent Deep royal blue is by far the most sought-after shade.
  • Known to be one of the big four precious jewels, sapphires are durable with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, which is just below the Diamond’s score of 10.
  • Sapphires can be found in most jewellery stores around the However, supply can fluctuate and impact cost.
  • Many sources claim the name ‘sapphire’ is of Greek origin.
  • A large portion of the world’s sapphires originate from Sri Lanka and Australia. Smaller and more artisanal mines are also located in Madagascar.


The Growing Trend of Sapphire Engagement Rings

While sapphires have been commonly found in dress jewellery for many years, the trend to include this precious stone in engagement rings really took off when Princess Di was given an 8-carat sapphire engagement ring in 1981. The popularity of sapphire engagement rings then shot up once again when Kate Middleton was presented with the very same ring in 2011.

Education and awareness are also contributing towards this growing trend. As more sapphire engagement rings go on display in jewellery stores, interest in this type of engagement ring grows. People are also realising that beautiful coloured gemstones that come out of the ground are becoming rarer, making sapphires even more sought after.


Picking the Perfect Sapphire


While sapphires are found in a rainbow of colours, the rarest colour of them all is blue. So, it’s no surprise blue is also the most popular sapphire colour. The colour grading is dependant on the colour’s richness and vibrancy. At times, some modifying colours such as green, grey or black may lessen its blue appearance and change its hue, thus lowering its value.

Sapphires that aren’t blue in colour are called ‘fancies’ and have a similar look to a pink or yellow diamond but for a fraction of the price. Along with pink and yellow, sapphires can also be found in shades of orange, green and purple.


While the cut is highly regarded in diamonds, in sapphires, it doesn’t matter as much. That’s because the colour (particularly darker tones), makes it harder to see any inclusions with the naked eye. As long as the cut is symmetrical, that’s all you need to care about.


Unlike diamonds, sapphires don’t have a standardised grading system when it comes to determining clarity in the stone. It’s extremely rare to find a sapphire that’s flawless. Almost all-natural sapphires have inclusions. As long as the inclusions aren’t too severe, dark or particularly noticeable to the naked eye, you don’t need to worry.


A Sapphire that Complements You

Deciding what coloured gemstone is right for you is highly subjective. Hues can range from very weak, (bordering on translucent with a slight coloured tinge) to very vivid and dark, (where the stone almost looks black with slight colour emanating through).

Because there are so many hues to choose from, everyone is bound to find a gemstone with a tone that complements their skin tone. Royal blue is particularly stunning against olive complexions while a rich cobalt stone contrasts beautifully against dark skin.


Why Sapphires are a Great Choice for Engagement Rings

The excellent strength and hardness of sapphires makes these gemstones highly resistant to scratches. Because an engagement ring is worn all the time, it makes sense to choose a sapphire over other less durable coloured stones.

In an engagement ring, sapphires hold a special meaning too – faithfulness and sincerity. If these values are particularly meaningful to you and your marriage, a sapphire is a logical choice for your engagement ring.


Sapphire Engagement Rings from Diamonds International

If you’re set on a colourful alternative for your engagement ring, speak to our team at Diamonds International. While Diamonds may be our speciality, we also have plenty of loose sapphires for you to choose from too.

Whether you wish to design a sapphire engagement ring for yourself or if you prefer to choose from our pre-made designs, don’t hesitate to visit us in store to discuss your dream engagement ring ideas with us.

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