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Selecting the Diamond – Getting to Know the Four Cs
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Selecting the Diamond – Getting to Know the Four Cs

1. Colour – While a diamond may appear colourless (or white) it may actually have a very subtle yellow or brown tone that can be detected when comparing it to other diamonds side by side. Colourless diamonds are the rarest, most valuable and sought after for Engagement Rings. An internationally recognised colour grading scale beings with D (colourless) and goes to Z (light yellow).

2. Clarity – Clarity is an indication of a diamond’s purity and is determined by a diamonds naturally occurring internal characteristics. Diamonds with fewer and smaller inclusions are generally more brilliant and most wanted for Engagement Rings; only 1% of all diamonds ever found can be called Flawless.

3. CaratDiamonds are measured in terms of weight rather than size. The heavier the diamond, the greater the carat weight. Keep in mind the value of two equally weighted diamonds may differ significantly as quality is always determined by all Four Cs.

4. Cut The cut of a diamond is not to be confused with its shape, shape is only referred to the outward appearance of the diamond. A well cut diamond will have an amazing brilliance and fire caused by white light reflecting off the diamonds surfaces and mirrored depths of the pavilion.

Hopefully this gives you an insight into the Four Cs of Diamond Quality, if you are interested in finding out more click here, or else visit one of our three Brisbane Jewellery Stores; City, Brisbane, Chermside, Indooroopilly or Carindale, where our experienced team will be able to assist you in finding a high quality Diamond Engagement Ring, Diamond Wedding Ring, Diamond Necklace, Diamond Bracelet or Diamond Earrings.



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