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The Most Special Time in South Australia
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The Most Special Time in South Australia

Brook and David met about six years ago and have been inseparable ever since! They recently celebrated their wedding. We were thrilled to help them find their wedding bands and Brooke’s engagement ring, and they were kind enough to share their story with us.

When it came time to propose, David had some guidance in choosing an engagement ring for Brooke as he knew she loved morganites, but from there he designed the ring himself! Dave chose a stunning emerald cut morganite surrounded by a delicate diamond halo, and in Brook’s own words, it was “perfect”. The setting for David’s proposal was a South Australian winery at sunset, very romantic!

Brooke’s engagement ring was unique and the couple’s wedding was no different. They eloped to South Australia with just close family and their day was “intimate, fun and everything we wanted.” Their favourite part of the wedding was to be able to spend quality time with their families. They were even able to take their families back to the winery where they were engaged, the perfect end to the trip!

Brooke initially thought she’d choose something different for her wedding band, but when Jacqueline, who had also helped David design her engagement ring, showed her a matching wedding band she knew that it was the one.

David and Brooke have loved their experience with Diamonds International. Brooke says, “from resizing, to cleaning, to helping us pick wedding bands, we always feel so welcomed.”

We asked Brooke if she has any advice for other couples, she said “make the day about you and all your favourite things.” We couldn’t agree more!

Congratulations Brooke and David, thank you for sharing and we wish you a very happy future together!

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