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Top 4 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends for 2014

Top 4 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends for 2014

If you are wondering what’s trending right now in the world of diamond jewellery then you’ve come to the right place!  Diamonds International has one of the largest diamond jewellery collections in Queensland – so when it comes to finding out what’s hot and what’s not for 2014 we’ve definitely got it covered.  Here are our top 4 diamond engagement ring styles for the fashion conscious as we head into Spring!


This little stunner is one of the most popular diamond engagement ring styles for 2014.  You just can’t go wrong with a spectacular sparkling diamond solitaire surrounded by a glistening halo of smaller diamonds!  Choose a fancy cut centre stone like an oval, cushion or pear shaped diamond for a unique twist and you will have one of the most coveted styles for 2014. 



The Princess Cut Diamond Engagement ring is trending in a HUGE way right now as it offers a breathtaking twist on a modern diamond engagement ring.  Its sharp corners and square cut give it striking appearance and an amazing amount of radiance and shine.  Princess cut diamond engagement rings are much sought after and take timeless elegance to a whole new level in 2014!

Thanks to Princess Kate, Ceylon Sapphires are back in vogue BIG time! In fact the blue toned gemstone is a rare commodity right now, so if you are able to snap one up at the right price then you will have a great investment piece as well as a dazzling and unique engagement ring.

Sure white gold and platinum are favoured by many but l yellow gold is having a fashion moment in 2014 with celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Leighton Meester and Olivia Wilde all opting to have their bling set in classic yellow gold.   However, creating your dream diamond engagement ring in yellow gold doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve a modern edgy design that will have you standing- out- in- the -crowd.  Yellow doesn’t mean that So much easier to maintain your yellow gold as unlike white gold it does not require regular rhodium plating.

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