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Top Trends in Diamond Engagement Rings – The Halo

Top Trends in Diamond Engagement Rings – The Halo

If your girlfriend has been scouring the pages of Pinterest and jewellery web sites for the perfect diamond engagement ring then the chances are she has already fallen in love with one of the seasons most admired and fashionable styles, the diamond Halo.

Hailing from the Roaring Twenties its art deco design set a unique and elegant fashion trend with its modern decorative appeal.   Fast forward to 2015 and the diamond halo shows no signs of waning in popularity or the jewellery fashion stakes.  Its shimmering circle of diamonds surrounding a centre stone enhances the rings ‘bling’ factor expanding the appearance of the centre stone and making it a popular choice for those who want to make a statement with their diamond jewellery.  It is also a great option for those on a budget as a halo of diamonds makes the centre stone look bigger with more sparkle. There are many variations of halo diamond engagement rings available and to help you discover what all the fuss is about, here are some of the most popular!

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo:

Classic, elegant and simple, a round brilliant cut diamond halo is a traditional choice.  The natural brilliance of a round brilliant cut diamond is enhanced by a circle of smaller sparkling diamonds.

"Lianna" Diamond Engagement-Ring

Cushion Cut Diamond Halo:

A “Cushion Cut Diamond” is squarish – rectangular in shape with rounded corners and 58 brilliant-style facets that kind of resembles a pillow in shape.  Add a halo of diamonds around it and you will have an unforgettable diamond engagement ring that will capture her heart.

Popular Diamond Engagement Rings

Pear Shaped Diamond Halo:

This fancy-shaped brilliant-cut diamond forms a tear-drop or pear shape Ultra feminine and sophisticated the pear shaped diamond adds a unique and creative vibe to the traditional halo.

Popular Engagement Rings

Colour her world:

Made popular by Kate Middleton’s dazzling Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement ring,  this right royal halo design has captivated the world ever since became engaged to Prince William.  First owned by the late Princess Diana, the ‘Kate effect’ has taken over diamond jewellery sales worldwide causing a shortage of some of the world’s most precious blue Ceylon sapphires!

Coloured Stone Diamond Rings


Double Trouble! The Double Halo:

For maximum impact add one cushion cut diamond and surround it with a double halo of round brilliant cut diamonds!  Boom!



Emerald Cut Diamond Halo:

A emerald cut diamond halo rings are the perfect style for a woman who appreciates the ornate design of this beautifully crafted diamond engagement ring.   The art-deco style of an emerald cut diamond adds a ‘vintage’ tone to the design.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement -Ring


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