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What Are Diamonds Also Used For?
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What Are Diamonds Also Used For?

Approximately 20% of diamonds are used for the world’s jewellery and the rest are used for far more unglamorous means. Because of their strength they are used industrially to cut and grind metals, stone, ceramics and other very hard surfaces. Industry depends on them for precision and power. They are also used in cutting tools, polishing hard metal, phonograph and videodisc needles and bearings for laboratory instruments.

Diamonds are effective for industrial use as they are resistant to wear, extreme temperature changes, friction and rust. In high-oscillating machines diamonds do not need any lubrication which means the machine?s bearings are far less likely to wear away with use. When used as cutting tools they exhibit excellent precision and allow objects to be cut much more thinly. It is used as much for cutting hard material like concrete as it is for fine wire used in electronics.

Some more obscure uses of diamonds include the coverings of windows for lasers, x-rays and vacuum chambers. They are excellent as micro-bearings and used for small mechanical devices such as watches. Diamonds are capable of absorbing high temperatures making them ideal for use in microelectronics as they conduct heat away from heat-sensitive parts and explains their use in microchips and computer processors.

The best known use for diamonds is jewellery and there is very good reason for that. Well cut diamonds are beautiful and durable. Diamonds are very beautiful and sparkle in the light making them perfect for a diamond engagement ring, wedding ringdiamond dress ringdiamond earrings or diamond bracelet.

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