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Everything You Need to Know About Princess Cut Diamonds
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Everything You Need to Know About Princess Cut Diamonds

Despite its delightful name, you don’t need to be a princess to own a princess cut diamond ring. Women of all ages, backgrounds and styles embrace this modern and clean diamond cut.

It’s glitzy, it’s opulent, and it’s the 2nd most desirable diamond cut too. Unlike the standard round cut, the sharp edges and square shape of a princess cut really stands out, and it has just as much sparkle to show for it too.

But despite its popularity today, this cut is actually a pretty new player in the diamond cut mix. So, what exactly is a princess cut, and how did this diamond cut become so popular?

What is a Princess Cut?

First, we should probably explain what a ‘cut’ is. A diamond cut describes the quality of the treatment and the angle at which the diamond is ground, and the meticulous precision of different cuts gives the diamond a shape.

A princess cut diamond is a brilliant cut diamond that’s elegant, chic and ideal for modern brides. Amalgamating the brilliance of a round cut into a stunning square shape, the princess cut was a true revelation of its time when it first came into being.

With clean lines and endless sparkle, it has a modern look that swiftly gained popularity.

Also referred to as a square modified brilliant cut, the princess cut holds a unique pyramid shape resulting in optimum light dispersion that triumphs over every other square-shaped diamond. When looking down upon a princess cut, it can look square or even slightly rectangular, and the corners can either be sharp or rounded.

When in a ring setting, the diamond is held in place by four prongs in each corner.

This cut is great at concealing subtitle inclusions. In fact, up to 80% of the rough diamond can be maintained in the princess cut. It also happens to be one of the only mixed brilliant cuts that can preserve such a large portion of the diamond rough.

A princess cut diamond is a brilliant cut diamond that’s elegant, chic and ideal for modern brides.

Princess Cut Origins

In terms of history, the princess cut is relatively new to the scene. This cut was changed and perfected over time until the princess cut we know today was formed in the 70s.

This diamond shape is very closely connected to two diamond cuts known as the Profile cut, designed by London cutter Arpad Nagy in 1961 along with the Barron Cut created by South African diamond cutter Basil Watermeyer in 1971.

These two cuts paved the way for the princess cut, which was first presented to the world in 1979 as a mixed cut.

The sparkling brilliance and modern look made this cut a soaring favourite fairly quickly. This cut still sits at the number 2 spot amongst the most popular diamond shapes today.

The popularity of the princess cut isn’t just reserved to the buyers either. It’s highly regarded amongst diamond cutters too because out of all other cuts, it wastes the least of the original raw gemstone.

Venus – Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A Princess Cut Diamond Ring from Diamonds International

Here at Diamonds International, we would love to pair you with the ideal princess cut diamond ring. We can create a custom princess cut diamond ring design with a sparkling diamond that matches your specifications and budget.

Visit us in store to see our brilliant collection of princess cut diamonds for yourself.

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