Diamond Trends 2016 – Vintage Style Diamond Dress Rings

There are times when you see a stunning diamond dress ring and you experience a definite “WOW’ moment!  And, our new collection of  Diamonds International ‘Gatsby’ Diamond dress rings will do just that, with their striking vintage appeal.  Reminiscent of The Great Gatsby era, these ornate diamond dress rings include sexy cut out design features and creative … Continued

Know your diamond cut.

There are so many things to consider when you are choosing the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring and one of them is to understand the different diamond shapes and their cut, as this is a diamonds most important characteristic.  The cut of a diamond has the greatest overall influence on a diamond’s beauty and determines how … Continued

End of Year Sale 2015 – Diamond Sale

  Our famous End of Year Diamond Sale  is now on! 40% off all diamond jewellery and diamond engagement rings.  So if your looking to pop the question to the love of your life or just looking for that special gift for someone special at Christmas,  now is the time to check out our special … Continued

Meet Our Unforgettable Proposal Winners!

Its time to introduce a very special couple and the winners of our Diamonds International Unforgettable Proposal Competition  2015!  A very big congratulations to Sam and Ashton who were randomly selected from nearly 1,000 Facebook entries to win $5,000 towards their dream engagement ring as well as a romantic weekend getaway to the majestic Orpheus … Continued

Love Your Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds Are Forever! – How to Love and Cherish Your Jewellery:  The Do’s and Don’ts You wash your clothes, polish your shoes, and get your best coats dry cleaned in order to keep them looking and feeling their best. Well, jewellery is no different! You need to clean it, care for it, and enjoy wearing … Continued

Men’s Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

3 Things Men Often Forget When Buying an Engagement Ring For a man, buying an engagement ring for the woman he wants to marry is usually paved with uncertainties and self-doubt. The anxiety of buying her the perfect ring, which she is guaranteed to treasure for a long time to come, can be overwhelming. Deciding … Continued

Break Tradition – Diamond Wedding Bands with sparkle

Sick of seeing the same style gold wedding band on all your friends hands, then check out our latest diamonds wedding band designs from Diamonds International Brisbane.  These days the classic wedding band can take on a whole new perspective with eye-catching designs and coloured stones that are reinventing the classic wedding band in distinctive … Continued

When is the best time to buy a diamond?

Generally speaking – the best time to buy a diamond is when you have found “the one”. Do your research…. find out what is important to you.  In our opinion quality will always win out over size.  Diamonds International buys diamonds for their class, their quality, their top colour & make.   Compare actual stones and … Continued

Discover the best Diamond Jewellery Insurance

Did you know that fluctuation in the market and exchange rates greatly affects the value of your diamond jewellery? So, it is important to value your jewellery valued every two years and update your cover to ensure it reflects the true market value. 90% of people do not update the value of their precious jewellery … Continued

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond

Planning on getting engaged? Then you are probably also wondering “how do I choose the perfect diamond”? When choosing a diamond I actually look at the stone itself. Having tried to buy off lists and photographs, more often than not the end result is a disappointment. There is no substitute to actually viewing a stone. … Continued

Jewellery Trends 2015 – Rose the new White Gold

Yellow and rose gold has long been considered out-of fashion with white gold taking center-stage. However, in 2015 both of these fabulous shades of gold are making a fashionable return to diamond jewellery design and in fact, Rose gold fast becoming considered “the new white”. Fashion magazines and celebrities are already celebrating rose gold as … Continued

Valentines Day Gifts – Diamond Heart Jewellery

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?  Check out our stunning diamond heart jewellery and special Valentine’s Day prices! Valentine’s Day is the one time of year that gives you the excuse to unabashedly celebrate love! It’s a time to cherish the man or woman in your life by getting get swept up … Continued

Top Trends in Diamond Engagement Rings – The Halo

If your girlfriend has been scouring the pages of Pinterest and jewellery web sites for the perfect diamond engagement ring then the chances are she has already fallen in love with one of the seasons most admired and fashionable styles, the diamond Halo. Hailing from the Roaring Twenties its art deco design set a unique … Continued

Our Famous 40% off End Year Sale!

Our quest to produce one of the finest diamond jewellery collections for you this Christmas has lead us to bring to you one of our best ever 40% off End of Year Sales!  Nothing inspires us more than the excitement of Sale time and the joy we are able to bring to you with our … Continued

Top 4 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends for 2014

If you are wondering what’s trending right now in the world of diamond jewellery then you’ve come to the right place!  Diamonds International has one of the largest diamond jewellery collections in Queensland – so when it comes to finding out what’s hot and what’s not for 2014 we’ve definitely got it covered.  Here are … Continued